Getting comfortable [✓]

Log in to the sites you like in your headset and take some weight off by lying further back in your chair. But – headsets aren’t yet designed to work well like this, and you can only lie back so far, at least on Oculus headsets, depending on the kind of content you’re enjoying. See how to set yourself up below…

  1. VR is *really* immersive, especially if you are wearing headphones. Make sure you have made any arrangements you might need for privacy before you get your headset on and log in. There’s no built-in alarm, so set your watch or phone on vibrate if you have a time limit.
  2. VR videos start at FULL VOLUME. If you don’t remember to turn the headset switch down before you play, click to pause and then look for the volume menu on the bottom left hand side of the player. Use your controller to drag the volume down, then click to resume.
  3. For video and gameplay content, relax in your chair or recline on your couch, and adjust the headset so it’s comfortable. You can lie down, but avoid covering the headset sensors.
  4. Click the Oculus button on the right hand controller to go Home then click Settings. On the RiftS (or Quest using Link), you’ll find this on the dot menu on the far right of the dash.
  5. Select Reset View, then use the controller to drag the screen to a comfortable position. Click to confirm.
  6. For POV (point of view) content, this just doesn’t work as far as we can find – so far. For now, your best option is to lean back in a chair or on your couch, and adjust both yourself and your headset for comfort every time.
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  8. Always us a safe debit card like Transferwise or PayPal for transactions whenever you can.

As VR technology advances, this limitation is likely to be overcome fast. Watch this space ?

Woman reclining with VR headset

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