Setting up [✓]

Set up when you’re feeling patient and detailed. Make your life easier by doing a couple of things before you unwrap that box.

  1. Create an account on the website or app for your VR manufacturer before you put the headset on. You might need to both create an account and download an app before you can start installation.
  2. Be prepared for the first thing your headset does to be an update. If you haven’t done 1. the time is now.
  3. Know your WiFi password. If it’s hard to remember, change it temporarily to something simple and then change it back later.
  4. If you’re planning to access some AOVR, use a dedicated account system such as Abine for online privacy. This allows you to create an individual custom email address and password for every site, so if one is compromised your credentials on other sites are not at risk.
  5. Use a safe debit card like Transferwiseor PayPal for transactions where possible.
  6. Consider using a separate SIM card for authentication to avoid spam text messages.
  7. If you have a buddy who’d volunteer to be your setup wing-person, reading out all those logins and passwords so you can enter them using your controllers, you could reward them with an afternoon of VR ?

couple using VR on couch

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