Staying protected [✓]

Protect your personal data from unauthorised access by taking simple steps. Don’t risk your household credit card or email address.

  • Use a secure multi-currency prepaid debit card
  • Set up a separate email address and password for every system you use. If one site is comprised, your login data to other systems is not exposed. Use an email masking and password management system such as Abine’s Blur to keep them tracked and available both through your browser and your mobile device.
  • Use a prepaid debit card without a large balance such as the combined hard card / online service offered by Transferwise. If your details are compromised, you can then easily block the card and replace it, and Abine also offer a masked credit card service in some locations.
  • Download a good anti-virus application such as BitDefender to your local computer. If you’re installing software, this will pick up and quarantine suspicious files that could make you vulnerable to hacking or ransomware attack. Enable it on your web browser too.
  • Where possible, set up accounts using a desktop computer with robust security. It’s easier to set up your masked emails and passwords, it’s more likely that unexpected file activity will be noticed, and you can properly read that tiny print next to the opt-out box that will charge you USD50 per month for three additional sites. (Our first credit card cancellation, within hours of clicking the box).
  • Before entering your details, check the site has at least one point of contact, and endorsements or reviews from known sources, such as Mashable or TechCrunch. If a site offers PayPal, it is likely to have good security for your financial details, and a customer-focused resolution process.
  • Be responsible about checking for new emails that might indicate your info has been shared across sites. Follow up immediately if you do not recognise the charge, which may be as simple as using the site’s support chat.

These are good practices for internet interaction generally, and particularly important in an environment that is undergoing rapid change in a globally connected world. Stay safe & have fun!

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